Yurica就读于中央圣马丁本科平⾯设计系。常⽤⼿法和媒介为插画,摄影,版画及印刷品。专注于探索和研究印刷和平⾯设计概念在当代语境和社会文化环境下的表达和呈现,擅⻓以当代的手法对传统版画,及平⾯设计的定义进⾏重新解读,并通过综合性材料实践,从观念,内容和艺术形态等多个层面建立平⾯设计与当代艺术的联系。 Central Saint Martins College of Art, Graphic Communication Design. Common practices in illustration, photography, publication and printmaking. Focus on the exploration and study of the expression and presentation in printmaking and graphic design applied in contemporary context and social environment. Use contemporary approach to reinterpret the definition of traditional printmaking, graphic design, and through comprehensive material practice, to establish the relationship between graphic design and contemporary art from the aspects of concept, content and artistic form.

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