Dawn Beckles

Dawn Beckles’ interpretation of the classic still life is unparalleled in her use of vibrant colour and contemporary settings depicted alongside her reoccurring subject matter, the exotic flora inspired by her native Barbados. A mixed media artist specializing in painting, collage and printing, Dawn frequently parallels found images of man-made beauty with those of the natural world. It is in Dawn’s painting that one will find high fashion, bespoke interiors and objets d’art elegantly juxtaposed with orchids, birds of paradise and livistona painted from her private collection.
The philosophy underlying Dawn’s body of work is to celebrate the intimate relationship between an item and its owner by illuminating the context in which it is presented. Her process, whether constructing an elaborately furnished roomscape or the study of an austere clay pot draped with crocosmia, requires the layout to evolve intuitively before applying her extensive technical skill and range to bring her vision for each work of art to fruition.
Dawn Beckles is currently a Londoner by ways of Barbados and Northern England. She graduated with a BA Design from the John Cass School of Art

Exhibition History

2018 October Aviva Manchester Art Fair, Manchester

2018 October Not 30%, The Other Art Fair, The College

2018 September Unreal Estates, Dalston

2018 April World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre

2018 March        Talented Art Fair, The Old Truman Brewery

2018 February        Contemporary Art Fair Surrey, Sandown Race Course

2017 December        Shortlisted for the Rise ArtPrize

2017 November          Winter Open Studios, Wimbledon Art Studios

2017 May                     Summer Open Studios, Wimbledon Art Studios

2017                              Shortlisted for Society of Women Artists Summer Exhibition

2016 November          Winter Open Studios, Wimbledon Art Studios

2016 May                     Summer Open Studios, Wimbledon Art Studios

2015 November          Winter Open Studios, Wimbledon Art Studios

2015                              Shortlisted for Royal Academy Summer exhibition



Yurica就读于中央圣马丁本科平⾯设计系。常⽤⼿法和媒介为插画,摄影,版画及印刷品。专注于探索和研究印刷和平⾯设计概念在当代语境和社会文化环境下的表达和呈现,擅⻓以当代的手法对传统版画,及平⾯设计的定义进⾏重新解读,并通过综合性材料实践,从观念,内容和艺术形态等多个层面建立平⾯设计与当代艺术的联系。 Central Saint Martins College of Art, Graphic Communication Design. Common practices in illustration, photography, publication and printmaking. Focus on the exploration and study of the expression and presentation in printmaking and graphic design applied in contemporary context and social environment. Use contemporary approach to reinterpret the definition of traditional printmaking, graphic design, and through comprehensive material practice, to establish the relationship between graphic design and contemporary art from the aspects of concept, content and artistic form.



Trajan (Jia Chuan) is a Chinese illustrator and artist currently working in London.

He was born in Huainan, Anhui. He received his BA in Graphic design from China academy of Art in 2010, and his MA in the same major from Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL. in 2012. After he graduated from university, he flung himself into the art industry. His work has been used by several top commercial brands such as Genting Cruises and Uber. He has also been recognised by Chinese online art institutions.


Rebecca Sammon

British painter Rebecca Sammon’s bold, poetic pieces pulse with vibrant immediacy. Often Rebecca’s pieces are inspired by nature and the human form within abstracted landscapes, moving from themes of mythical narrative into the more ambiguous, fluid space of uncertainty. The balance of delicate watercolor is often cut with energetic bold brushstrokes where shapes, florals or faces emerge.

Rebecca Sammon is a British Artist originally from the North West of England. Rebecca studied Fine Art at the University of Brighton and Painting at Kansas City Art Institute. Rebecca currently works in London.

Fran Giffard


Fran Giffard draws directly onto her personal Moleskine diary pages using watercolour, gouache, and graphite pencil to capture the wonder of exotic and more commonplace birds. The result is a vivid collection of work with an intriguing personal slant. Fran studied Fine Art Drawing at Camberwell College of Art, graduating in 2010. Since then she has exhibited internationally, as well as throughout the UK. She has had a number of solo exhibitions, most notably:

Treasure, Northcote Gallery, London, 2018.

A Devotion, Someth1ng Gallery, London, 2018.

Her Nest is Beautiful, Someth1ng Gallery, London, 2016.

All My Beautiful Boys, Northcote Gallery Chelsea, 2015.

A Myriad of Birds, Masterworks Museum of Art, Bermuda, 2014.

A Parliament of Drawings, Northcote Gallery Chelsea, 2013.

Foyles Book Shop, Charing Cross, 2012.

O for Ornithology, Mayfair, 2012.

In 2014, Fran travelled to Bermuda for a three month artist residency. While there she studied the birds of Bermuda, while documenting her time in her Moleskine diary. Fran was also shortlisted for The Threadneedle Art Prize is 2016 and 2011, BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year and David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year. She also won a place to exhibit with the Society for Wildlife Artists in 2013.

Fran lives and works in London.

Sarah Song


Sarah Song Xiaran is a new media artist currently based in London. After earning a degree in Film and Media Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University, she is now pursuing an MFA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths. Her practice lies at the junction of the natural world, sound as well as visuals. She works in a variety of media and most of her artworks aim to explore the creative relationships and possibilities between nature and digital technology and to find poetic meaning in everyday life.

Riccardo Matlakas


My name is Riccardo Attanasio in art Matlakas, I am an Italian artist who came to London in 2006 establishing my first studio/Atelier and at the same time operating with intervention for various event and residencies worldwide. I have been participating to Moscow Biennale, 2010, Gwangju Biennale, 2014 but also did a lot of work regarding the current issue of the refugee crisis, working closely with Palestinians and South Africans but also a lot my own, creating street interventions related to the issue. In many cased those interventions have been showed also in live art events. I am a performance artist who’s work based in the responsibility as an artist towards all living species and the conscious development of how to be a full human being in order to live life properly. I also create platform for thinking and openly discuss the possibility of growth, where listening is the main activity. I am also a painter and mosaic artist and use these media to have conversation with myself which I then deliver it out.


Chiwu was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1990. The absurdity and unpredictability of this world are often the themes of his works. He tries to avoid ‘himself ’ in his works, for he believes only by continuously observing the world with an objective view that can he create some truly timeless art.

Lexi Sun


我的作品灵感是来自于我对于氛围的体验 将节奏与重复作为我作品实践的根茎,将装置、表演、动态影像与声音的氛围相结合融入在我按下快门的瞬间。作品的根源在于我对重复的折叠、展开、再折叠过程的节奏,这本身就是无限的。同时我的作品通过审视时尚和艺术之间的界限,探索了过期和消失的可能性,并帮助我们理解彼此和我们自己。”

Lexi Sun是一位中国出生的,驻扎于伦敦和柏林的跨学科艺术家和时尚摄影师。她在2018年完成了中央圣马丁学院的当代摄影,哲学与实践硕士学位。在过去的几年里,她参加了泰特交换(Tate Exchange),泰特利物浦(Tate Liverpool),Lethaby画廊,Folkestone Fringe,Everyman&Playhouse,FACT Liverpool和Sluice双年展的展览,随后她在伦敦BLANK 100举办了首次个展。她的作品也被伦敦和米兰时装周期间的Vogue,ID China和F!Y Magazine发表过。